Remnant: a RWBY-themed Magic: the Gathering set (WIP, early stages)


Yang Xiao Long 2RG

Legendary Creature – Human Berserker (Mythic)


Whenever Yang Xiao Long takes damage, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

As long as Yang Xiao Long has 3 or more +1/+1 counters on it, it has Trample, Indestructible and attacks each turn if able.

“What doesn’t kill her makes her stronger.”

Power: 2 / Toughness: 5


Jaune Arc 2GW

Planeswalker – Jaune (Mythic)

+1: Another target creature or planeswalker you control gains protection from the color of your choice until your next turn.

-1: Put a 2/2 white Knight token with vigilance onto the battlefield under your control.

-6: Search your hand, library, and graveyard for up to four Aura cards and put them into your hand, then shuffle your library. You may play Aura spells without paying their mana costs until end of turn.

Starting Loyalty: 3


The start of a little personal project to turn the RWBYverse - or, alternatively, the plane of Remnant - into Magic cards. Probably won’t do individual cards for all of the named characters - waaaay too many legendary creatures, not enough ways to distinguish them - but I’m shooting for the 4 title characters, plus the two or three planeswalkers for the “set” and maybe Penny. These are the only ones that are close to ready: Weiss’s card is getting there, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to make Ruby and Blake into cards (I’m also worried about whether “Legendary Creature - Human Cat Ninja” will actually fit on a card).

Yang’s basic concept is pretty simple, but the fine-tuning will probably take some time. The idea is that she’s basically invincible…once she’s taken a few hits. It’s a difficult balance to make her strong enough to survive until she becomes indestructible, but also frail enough that she can be dealt with before she gets to that point. She’s also the only one of the main four that’s actually multicolor instead of hybrid (Ruby is Red/White, Weiss is White/Blue, Blake is Black/Green): since there’s no “Yellow” mana color, the gold color of multicolor cards is the closest thing I could find to getting her a yellow card. She’s red for fire and berserker rage, and green for the primal force she becomes on the battlefield, as well as partially for mechanical purposes (+1/+1 counters, indestructibility).

Jaune gets one of the planeswalker spots (his whole shtick is unrealized potential, which in the Magic universe usually tends to translate into a ‘walker spark: plus his tactician’s skillset and speculated semblances are a nice set-up for a ‘walker card). He protects his allies, rallies new ones, and just generally has a ton of aura to go around. Mechanically his card is very mono-White, but his character’s motivations are rather Green (the color’s philosophy is “acceptance through growth,” wanting to fit in through self-improvement, and that’s basically Jaune in a nutshell). Might have to either change his card’s colors or change one or two of his abilities to make him fit his color identity better mechanically, but I love the flavor of the card the way it is at the moment.

(One of the other planeswalkers is definitely going to be Ozpin, and Cinder will probably be the other unless another villain upstages her by the time I’m done with the set. Ozpin being mono-blue or blue/white, and Cinder being red/black.)

So…yeah. I need to find a card template so I can plug in art and text and generally make these cards much more legible, but I feel like there’s some potential here. Hopefully someone else appreciates this…

An example of my best friend Ari having good ideas that I want to help out with and be a part of because holy crap that’s cool!

I felt like showing off a bit, since I pulled a good amount of rares from Tarkier packs. Here are a handful of my favorite foil’s and rares, including Sorin and Sarkhan. There are two from the pre-release that have the date on them, (can you tell I played Mardu at both pre’s?), and Ankle Shanker and Zurgo are from the intro deck and duel deck respectively.

Oh Gisela? She’s not from Tarkier I know, but someone traded her to me a few hours ago for the green white fetchland that I pulled at the pre-release. (She’s going straight into my Mardu deck) At the pre, I also pulled the white blue fetchland, and then in a pack I got the blue / black fetchland. Currently I only have the Dimir one left, so I’m saving it for trade-bait someday.

Mardu for life!


I finally beat Portal 1. Turns out I had last saved literally the room before the final encounter. I mean, I knew how the game ended - had since long before I actually got the game - but it was nice to finally get around to finishing the damn thing.

Now for Portal 2. (I’ve played pieces, but not the whole campaign. Can’t wait to play the “find the one tiny portal-able surface in the massive underground cavern” game again!)

Dude we should totally play together! Let’s do the campaign co-op!

Transition Log 4

Hello internet! I figured it’s been long enough, so I’m here to throw another log at you all. All… 62! I have 62 followers!? That blows my mind.

Anyway, I’m still working on the whole girl thing, and it’s tough! Presentation is difficult, electrolysis is painful, and emotions are sadness.

Presenting as female is straightforward enough, wear female clothes, a little makeup, make sure to shave, etc. But it’s all thrown out of whack by everything else I think, I should be doing great, but every now and again people will use male inclined speech when talking to or about me. It’s probably my voice, I look fine enough, but my voice is pretty obviously male. Though I did garner plenty of attention from nerds today since I’ve been doing a lot of Khans of Tarkier stuff. (MTG, a card game) And it was flattering and not creepy. Everyone was just nice and friendly. It did wear me out quickly though, I’m very introverted, and after a certain amount of human interaction I need many hours of staring at screens to recharge my social batteries. Back to presenting, it’s going well enough until I speak, and I’m probably never going to work on that, I can’t be bothered.

Electrolysis is a bitch! Seriously, not for the sensitive skin. I thought I could handle it at first, but it eventually got to be too much, I kept twitching on the table with every jolt. They have to zap every hair, and it takes multiple appointments for the same hair to completely go away, blah blah blah. It’s just too much while I’m getting ready to move out to western MA. So I got myself a razor, haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know how many times I cut my face.

Emotions = sadness. I have things to be happy about, but I only just got my prescription refilled after not having it for a week because my health insurance ran out. That week was madness, I was such a wreck! Emotionally and everything-lly. My boobs shrank and everything! But I’m back on track now, so everything will be better from here on out hopefully.

Thank you for listening to me ramble on about myself, feel free to re-evaluate the life decisions that led you to this.

Oh and I’m gonna go email my doc about the surgery, the one mentioned in a previous post of mine. Stay tuned for future updates, and don’t be afraid to ask anything!

30,445 plays


so it was like 4 in the morning and i was in audacity and i recorded a clip of this and then i did this and laughed for like half an hour but didn’t do anything with it and a few minutes ago i wanted katie to hear it because i started laughing about it again so i sent it to her privately and she lost her shit and demanded i post it so here you go this is the pubert addams conversation with a twist

This is too funny, I remember when this happened in the Let’s Play, and I’m so glad someone did this to it.

Lonely late night rice.

Lonely late night rice.


Someone took audio from Achievement Hunter’s heist videos and used it for the bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight

This is amazing!

I can’t wait to get the Trans Surgery. You know the one where they replace most of my body with cybernetic parts and give me the ability to access the internet with my thoughts

Damnit! I’m only gonna be getting a vagina, I wish I were as lucky as you!

6347) I’m afraid that even when I’ve been on hormones for years, pass fairly well, and I’ve gotten “the surgery”, I’ll always be an outlier because of my height, face, and general build.

Damn, sums me up in a minute.

New skirt, first skirt actually! And a dress I’ll post later. :)

New skirt, first skirt actually! And a dress I’ll post later. :)